Cockroach Control Croydon


Cockroach Control Croydon


Cockroaches are constantly a problem for Lewisham homeowners. They are very much an unwanted pest. Cockroaches can bite and the bigger roaches have even been renowned to gnaw humans. Cockroaches live in soiled and clean homes. They are able to survive in the most extreme conditions.

We generally see bigger cockroach numbers in less clean dwellings because there is a larger food source available. Cockroaches are most hardworking primarily for a 4 hour period during the night although they are seen at other times as well. Cockroaches are not so fond of light. They just favour darkness as to them the light signifies predators are around so they scurry away.

Cockroaches leave their nest for water far more often than they go out for food. Normally, one evening of feasting is sufficient for the cockroach to live on for a few days. They can reside a month without nourishment, but only a week without water. For some reason or another cockroaches really like onions.


When one of our technicians visit your home they usually carry out a thorough examination of your Lewisham home. Controlling cockroaches expeditiously depends on locating and treating all of the places where they are living. Once we detect all of the areas where the cockroaches were hiding and living we will explain to you how we are going to eradicate the cockroach problem.


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