Squirrel Control Croydon


Squirrel Control Croydon

The red squirrels is not considered a pest in Lewisham. The grey squirrel is definitely considered a pest. Grey squirrels are distinguished from red squirrels by their fur which will be usually grey and a larger size and small ears. Grey squirrels have a very sensitive sense of smell, sight and hearing, they are solitary animal and usually live alone.

The grey squirrel nests are much like bird nests built with similar materials from branches and leaves. In some urban environments that are known to nest in roof spaces. Grey squirrel are attractive and entertaining, but can be a serious pests in the garden, especially for bird lovers, as they soon learn to take food from bird tables.


They are not believed to lead to diseases in humans but be warned as they can give a painful bite if frightened. The grey squirrel is widespread and not protected in London and the UK. Our squirrel control services covers Lewisham and surrounding areas.

The most common and successful method to regain control over your squirrel infestation is either live traps or spring catch effectively. We always use traps, according to legal guidelines and trapped animals are always removed humanely. We also offer advice and assistance to the squirrel-proof facilities to prevent recurrence of the problem to your Lewisham home.

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